Natural cereal products from the
heart of the alps.

Whole-Grain Wheat Flakes

We produce our Wheat Flakes by pressing or rolling complete grains. In doing so, no nutrients are lost and the Flakes are sure to deliver all the energy needed to tackle even the most exhausting days. Wheat Flakes are very healthy and have high levels of fibre, biotin (vitamin H), and trace elements like iron and zinc. The mild, nutty flavour and tan colour of the Flakes goes together perfectly with other muesli mixes or porridges.

Our assortment:

  • Thick-Rolled Whole-Grain Wheat Flakes





All our products can be acquired in organic or conventional quality. If requested, we also offer products in accordance with the EU dietary regulations (babyfood).
All cereal and muesli products in our standard assortment are available as bulk packs for industrial purposes, gastronomy-oriented packages, or individual packages (folding box, pouch, stand-up pouch).