Quality builds trust

Our company guarantees premium quality and exceptional taste. For this, our factory-owned laboratory continually and systematically analyses all incoming raw materials for their qualities and in accordance with food safety regulation. Similarly, all production is monitored to correspond to the highest quality guidelines, and finished produce undergoes thorough quality tests. Computer-controlled surveillance systems that monitor all production parameters are complemented by constant checks of expertly trained personnel. This allows us to guarantee the consistent quality and maximum safety of all produced goods.

In addition to established quality-management systems (HACCP, IFS (International Food Standard) and Regulations (EU) 2018/848 for organic production), strict in-house standards are predetermined, and their compliance carefully monitored. (Click on the respective symbol to download our certificates)          


Organic products must consist of ingredients grown in controlled and certified organic cultivation. The usage of genetic engineering is strictly prohibited, and all raw materials must be cultivated free of conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizer or sewage sludge. Evidently, the contamination with conventional raw materials or products is not to occur during storage and other production procedures either.

Babyfood products count as dietary foods due to the highly sensitive consumers and need to be produced and labelled according to strict requirements. The maximum levels of plant protection products, mycotoxins or other harmful substances are therefore lower compared to food meant for the average consumer.